Now your Android phone can wake you up with some music. Google and Spotify have announced a new partnership that infuses the Clock app with unique alarms from a 35 million-track catalog.

If you have a Spotify account, you can use any of the music streaming service’s songs as an alarm. You’re even able to continue playing a particular song after getting up. When that catchy tune gets you up and running the right way, there’s no stopping you.

The feature doesn’t have any glaring boundaries. Whether you pay for a membership or not, you can have a song wake you from your slumber. Spotify also lets you dive into its morning playlists for some inspiration.

Until now, the Clock app on Android has offered a limited number of jingles to get you up. None of them, however, are based on actual songs.

Spotify says it’ll be rolling out the feature with Google to all users over the next few days.