The machine learning-backed camera from Google launched several months ago, and today it finally went up for sale in the United States.

Now you can purchase the Clips from four retailers if you’re looking for a camera that doesn’t require any manual interaction. Retailers shipping the camera right away include the Google Store, Best Buy, B&H, and Verizon. All of them have its price set at $249, and you’re also able to get free shipping across the board.

When it was announced last year, the Clips didn’t get much attention. Google quickly talked about its capabilities but maybe that’s because the product itself doesn’t require a lengthy explanation. Once the camera is on, it’s automatically capturing moments and editing them for you.

The Clips recognizes humans and their facial expressions as well as cats and dogs. So the camera is seeking to find moments of happiness and achievement on its own rather than forcing you to grab a camera.

As you use the camera, the Clip will understand who and what you want to gets pictures and videos of.

Google does understand privacy can be a concern for a device that does this automatically. To keep your mind at ease, the Clips has an indicator light that activates if it’s recording. The camera also doesn’t transfer anything to Google’s servers. The machine learning to capture and edit is done right on the camera. And only you decide when files are moved to Google Photos and shared.

If you initially signed up for the waitlist on the Google Store, you’ll also get $30 off a Google Home if you purchase the camera by March 8.

Buy now: Google Store, Best Buy, B&H, Verizon