Google has officially gone on record saying that reports it attempted to purchase WhatsApp are untrue.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai called reports that the company attempted to purchase WhatsApp were "simply untrue." This follows numerous reports that the Google not only made a $10 billion bid for the company, but also offered up a bounty to be informed if any other companies attempted to acquire the messaging service.

The Telegraph reports that Pichai said, "WhatsApp was definitely an exciting product." He went on to add, "We never made an offer to acquire them. Press reports to the contrary are simply untrue."

All of this follows up on Facebook's recent acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion in a mixture of cash, stock and restricted shares.

The reports of Google's supposed interest in WhatsApp came from sources that were supposedly briefed on the discussions, but it appears that they may now have just been wholly untrue. Either way, WhatsApp has a new home, and where it goes from here should be interesting to watch.