Curious to see what kind of new features Google is building for the Chromecast? Well, now you can test them out if you’re brave enough to join Google’s new Chromecast Preview Program.

According to the program’s description, users who sign up will be among the first to receive new updates and experience them early.

There’s not much to the program right now; Google doesn’t actually offer any new features to test out, but with the program now live, it’s likely users will have the opportunity to preview something of significance soon.

The new preview program is opt-in, so existing Chromecast users won’t be affected if they’re not interested in what Google has coming down the pipeline. If you are curious to see what’s coming, however, simply open the Google Cast app, tap the overflow menu button, device settings, and then tap the Preview Program. Once there you simply tap join and you’re in.

Again, there’s nothing of note yet, but we’ll probably start seeing new features soon. If anything of significance pops up we’ll let you know.