Google’s Chromecast is an exciting little device beaming with potential. As it stands, the little dongle is capable of sending content from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and Chrome to your HDTV, but it promises to do much more in the future. For a lot of people, that’s a hugely convenient link between the online space and a nice big screen in your living room, a serene nirvana of gadget harmony. But does it offer enough other gadgets—Roku, PS3, Xbox, etc.—don’t already?

When Google announced the little device, the company stressed that it “just works.” And you know what? It does, absolutely. When you need to convince a family that a device like this is necessary, it better work without much fuss, and so far it’s shown no signs of trouble. Setting it up was painless, and getting content from Google Play onto our TV was super easy. But we’ve seen this before from another Google device that shall not me named.

We’re a little reserved about Chromecast, largely because of Google’s previous efforts in the TV space. But for what it does, and at only $35, there’s a lot of potential—we just hope it’ll reach that potential sooner rather than later. Check out our unboxing for a quick glimpse at the device in action, and stay tuned for more Chromecast coverage coming up.