It is looking more and more like we are nearing the release of a tablet computer using Google’s Chrome operating system that we have been hearing about ages.  It’s just sad they’re sabotaging it before it ever gets out the door.

Download Squad has been reporting that a Google Chrome OS tablet may be coming out on Friday, Nov. 26th here in the states.  This just happens to line up with the shopping day known as “Black Friday” here in the United States, which serves as the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season.  While it would be a great move to have these tablets front and center on the busiest shopping day of the year, Google is making a critical flaw if it truly only releases these devices via Verizon with a data plan contrct attached to them.

chrome os logoPart of the success of Apple’s iPad has been you could just buy one if you wanted it, totally skipping over any sort of contract with a cellular company.  People aren’t buying tablets strictly for mobile data consumption, some just want to use it at home or work on a Wi-Fi network and never have any intention of using it outside of those situations.  Basically, Google just told an entire demographic, “Well, we know you exist, but we really don’t need you, so we aren’t going to offer a version of our device that suits your needs.”

Now, of course, we realize this is all just rumor and speculation at this point, but if it proves to be true, this HTC-produced tablet is pretty much doomed before anyone even sees it.  Who really wants to be on a contract with their tablet?  No body.  This isn’t a cell phone we’re talking about here, it’s a totally different creature, and one that wants to be free of hindrances.

Lets all hope this proves to be a false rumor, but if it ends up being true … oh well, nice try Google.

What say you?  Would you buy a tablet on contract?