Announced back in July of 2009, Google announced the Chrome OS which is a new operating system that is built entirely around the browser, and getting you on the Internet as soon as possible after you boot up.  It has been in development for nearly a year now as an open source project, and people from all over the world have been working on it, adding all sorts of little tweaks.

According to an unnamed source speaking with VentureBeat, Acer is expected to announce the first two Chrome OS devices at the Computex Taipei computer show being held between June 1st and 5th.  The two devices are expected to be netbooks, but no release date or price is known at this time.


While I have been very intrigued by the Chrome OS projects, and looking forward to giving it a spin, I think Google may have become its own worse enemy in the time since this was announced.  Android, Google's mobile operating system, has already moved away from mobile phones and into the realm of tablets, so unless Google feels like competing with itself, Chrome OS may end up getting stuck on netbooks only.

The Android name is already becoming a trusted brand with a growing developer community, so it seems a bit odd that Google would continue to move forward with Chrome OS.  Why not just port Android over to netbooks which would end up attracting that many more developers because it would give them another outlet for their work?  Does it really make sense to develop two operating systems that are both vying for the mobile/stripped won market?

Yes, I know companies develop two different operating systems all the time, such as Apple with the Mac and the iPhone OS, but those are servicing two very different product categories.   If Android had stayed just on phones I wouldn't be questioning this, but by it moving over also to tablets, it just makes this seem a bit odd.

All that being said, I'm still looking forward to trying out the Chrome OS, I'm just not sure how long Google is going to work on both of these systems.

What say you?  Are you interested in the Chrome OS?