Chrome Share of iOS Web Traffic copy

When it comes to iOS web traffic, Google’s march towards total global domination has been slow and steady. The company’s official Chrome app for Apple devices currently makes up three percent of all iOS web traffic, according to a new study from online ad network Chitika.

After landing on iOS in 2012, Chrome quickly grabbed about two percent of web traffic, but soon plateaued,  only recently crossing the three percent threshold after a surge of growth tracked by Chitika over the past few weeks. It’s unclear if the apps growth in popularity will slow down again, or only speed up as more users who already run Chrome on their desktops make the switch on their mobile devices as well.

As for what caused last month’s uptick in Chrome traffic, Chitika offers up a few possibilities with little certainty. It’s possible that the release of new iPhones last month had something to do with it, coupled with a Google advertising campaign for its web browser. It’s also possible that regular updates to the browser, which is now in its 30th iteration, helped bring more people into the Chrome camp.

Frankly, we’re surprised even more people aren’t using Chrome on iOS. We definitely prefer it over Apple’s own Safari. It makes sense that most users are content with the browser that comes pre-installed on every iPhone and iPad, but three percent seems way too small considering how essential using the Internet is to the mobile experience.