Lets take a look at the chart for this month as well as looking at how it stacks up to the beginning and end of last year.  All measurements are according to NetMarketshare.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Jan 2010 5.22% 24.43% 62.12% 2.38% 4.53%
Dec 2010 9.98% 22.81% 57.08% 2.23% 5.89%
Jan 2011 10.70% 22.75% 56.00% 2.28% 6.30%

Google Chrome grew by an impressive .72% this month, and that brought it to a year-over-year growth of nearly 5.5%, or a doubling of its market share.


Apple’s Safari was the only other other browser to show monthly growth as well as a year-over-year gain.  For the month it jumped by .41%, and for the year it was up 1.47%.  Not a huge gain, but still respectable.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is where the Chrome and Safari growth seems to be coming from as it lost a full 1.08% for the month and is down 6.12% from the same time last year.  It’s still well in the number one spot, but this continued slide can’t be making anyone happy.

Mozilla’s Firefox is continuing its slide, but it is slow enough to not be too much of a worry.

Opera had a small gain from last month, but for the year it was down a small percentage.  I’m not sure if Opera will ever get a significant share.

It was obvious that 2010 was the year of of Chrome, and considering the start it has had this year, 2011 may not be much different.

What say you?  Did you change your primary browser in January?