Google has updated its Chrome app for iPad to take advantage of the new multitasking features introduced with iOS 9. Its browser now supports Picture-in-Picture and Split View, allowing users to browse the web while they use other iPad apps.

These features can be found inside Chrome version 46.0.2490.73 for iOS, which is available now. Once installed, you can swipe in from the right side of the display while using Chrome to activate Split View mode.

This allows you use Chrome alongside another supported iPad app, such as Apple Notes, and makes working, studying, and getting things done on the iPad a great deal easier. You can also put Chrome alongside Safari to view two browser windows at the same time.

Chrome also lets you watch videos over the top of other iPad apps, thanks to support for Picture-in-Picture. To activate this feature, simply start playing a video in Chrome, open it in fullscreen, then tap the Picture-in-Picture button that appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

This Chrome update also improves the handling of RTL languages, Google says. You can download it from the App Store now by following the source link below.