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Hoo boy, I thought I was the only one. Multiple Chrome users on OS X are experiencing  unexpected crashes, and it's happening as many as 20 times a day. I checked with the TechnoBuffalo stuff who hadn't noticed any issues, so I'm the odd man out here. But it's as annoying as all heck.

Google said it's aware of the issue and already has a fix, but only said it'll arrive "soon." The sooner the better, because it sure is annoying. There's only so many times I can handle a crashed browser. I've even considered using Safari until this thing blows over.

According to Wired, the issue only happen when users visit sites such as Google Drive and Facebook. I'm no scientist, but a quick experience in Chrome's Omnibox made the browser crash on the first try. Coincidence? It doesn't happen every time, mind you. But ugh.

I'm glad to know it's not just me, and that a fix is imminent. I'll just try and stay away from Facebook and Google Drive for a little while.