Google Chrome has been on a steady upward trajectory in market share, reaching a new high for itself in August of 7.52 percent in August according to NetMarketshare.  While this still puts it firmly in third place, Google can’t be too unhappy having added 2.3 percent to its share since the beginning of this year.

chromediscThere are several aspects sure to be helping the growth along, with the biggest having to be the speed of the browser.  When Chrome first launched it was already considerably faster than the competition in loading pages, but Google says that the speed is now three times even faster thanks to a more robust Java engine.

Secondly is the fact that Chrome doesn’t suffer from the bloat that other browsers have grown to have over the years.  While Mozilla’s Firefox started out being a lightweight contender against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it grew to be slower, and a larger resource hog on your system as time went on.  For whatever reason, Google has been able to keep this under control.  While your average may user may not realize this, the more tech savvy amongst us has certainly taken notice and sends a big thank you out to the search giant for it.

Version 7 is well into development already, so good things are certain to keep coming from this upstart browser for some time to come.