Eric Schmidt

Google chairman Eric Schmidt took the stage in Seoul recently as Google introduced the Nexus 7 to Korea, but he also took time to discuss a number of issues that Google has been facing.

“Literally patent wars prevent choice, prevent innovation and I think that is very bad,” Schmidt said, according to a recent report from the Korea Times. “We are obviously working through that and trying to make sure we stay on the right side of these issues. So ultimately Google stands for innovation as opposed to patent wars.” He also argued that there are about 200,000 mobile related patents that are “overlapping and complicated” and that it’s terrible for consumers that any of those could be used to prevent manufacturers from selling a device.

Despite the recent Apple Maps fiasco, and the iPhone maker’s decision to ditch Google Maps and a native YouTube client, Schmidt said Google’s relationship with Apple is still solid. “Our two companies are literally talking all the time about everything,” he said. As for Apple’s patent battle with Samsung? Schmidt said there are “plenty of prior arts” and that he will be meeting with Samsung and other Android partners. “With Samsung, as you can imagine, they are one of our most important partners and there is much to discuss,” he said.

Schmidt didn’t come out and say that Google will come fight for Samsung in court, but he did reiterate that Google fully intends to support the Android ecosystem.

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