Google has a compelling new idea to try to drive mass appeal for virtual reality. Through a partnership with The New York Times, Google will provide subscribers of the newspaper with a copy of Google Cardboard.

The wearable VR set works with Android and iPhone devices, as we already know, and it might provide those who haven’t had a chance to try virtual reality, like my parents for example, with a new interest in the technology.

Google Cardboard will support a new virtual reality application offered by The New York Times, dubbed NYT VR, that will provide access to several films produced by Times Magazine. The first film is named The Displaced and will also be available for free to all current owners of Google Cardboard.

PCWorld said editions of The New York Times will arrive on doorsteps on the weekend of Nov. 7 with Google Cardboard included. Folks who subscribe to digital versions of the newspaper will be offered a free code to order Google Cardboard, PCWorld said. It appears that the bonus stuffing won’t be available for folks who purchase the newspaper from newsstands.