Think you have what it takes to play for the New England Patriots? Your dream of catching a touchdown pass from Tom Brady may never happen, but you can at least see what it's like to be on the practice field with the four-time Super Bowl winner. If you thought the game was a violent spectacle from the comfort of your living room, just wait until you see what it's like being in the offensive line.

In partnership with Google, Visa and Bank of America have created an immersive 360-degree experience that puts Patriots fans in the thick of the action. Ever wanted to see a 300-pound human run toward you at full speed? Isn't that what virtual reality was created for?

Both iOS and Android users with a Cardboard viewer can get an up-close view of the team going through a number of fast-paced drills, and see what the life an an elite NFL team is like. If you happen to be at Gillette Stadium this Sunday, you'll actually get the chance to win a customized Cardboard to commemorate the new 360-degree experience.

Check out the video above to get an inside look of the action.