Google has a big hardware event coming up next week, but the company may have accidentally let something slip early. A since-deleted tweet from the Google UK Twitter account suggests some Cardboard-related news could be coming soon.

The post didn’t offer much information, and what it does reveal is pretty cryptic. The tweet reads, “29.09.16 – 01.10.16 #GoogleCardboard,” suggesting Google could be planning a VR-related activity or announcement for later this week. The message also included a short GIF showing the outline of a Cardboard headset.

Google is also expected to unveil its first Daydream VR headset on October 4, ushering in a new virtual reality platform with capabilities far beyond Cardboard. That doesn’t mean Cardboard is going away.

Cardboard is still a great way to introduce people to VR and 360-degree video, but we’re curious to see what the company could have planned for the budget-friendly headset just ahead of what may be its biggest step into virtual reality yet.