It looks like Google won’t be opening that New York store after all. The company has reportedly cancelled plans for a flagship location in downtown Manhattan after sinking $6 million into renovating a building.

According to Crain’s New York, the search giant is now looking to rent the space to another company for $2.25 million per year. The building, located on Greene St. in the trendy SoHo neighborhood, features high glass and exposed brick. It’s a beautiful space, and another top brand is expected to fill in for Google with a flagship store of its own.

Google’s original plan was to open its own version of the Apple Store, where Chromebooks and Android devices could be showcased and sold to the public. It’s unclear why the company is abandoning the building, though the firm has struggled to break into the physical retail business. Previous plans to open some sort of floating showroom also folded before they could be unveiled to the public.