Google on Monday added a nifty new feature to Google Calendar, allowing users to easily add reminders right from within the app. The video above best demonstrates how the feature works. If you’re unfamiliar with Calendar, simply hit the plus button, and an option to add a reminder will pop up. Once you add one, it’ll stay on Google Calendar until you dismiss it, constantly reminding you to get your life in order.

The goal here is to combine two separate productivity services (calendar and to-do) into a single app, making it easier to keep track of your day.

“Reminders stick with you over time, so you can track your to-dos until they’re actually done,” Google says.

If you’re heavily invested in Google already, adding reminders to Calendar is a natural way to improve the service; reminders have previously been available in Google Inbox, and will sync over to Calendar. You can easily add phone numbers, business addresses and more to your reminders, making it a very robust feature. You can create reminders to make reservations, set up a meeting, email a co-worker and more. I typically create reminders in Wunderlist (my to-do app of choice), but I think I’ll start moving those over to Google Calendar, where I spend most of my day anyway.

The update is available for iOS and Android this week, and should come to the Web in the coming days.