Google Calendar celebrated its 10th birthday this week. To celebrate, the company rolled out a pretty cool new feature named “Goals.” It makes it easy to achieve your personal goals for self-improvement by scheduling them into your calendar automatically.

The new feature is also flexible. So, if you schedule a last-minute meeting with your boss during a time you planned to exercise, Google Calendar will shift things around automatically. You can also easily defer a Goal if you’re busy or tired, like hitting snooze on an alarm clock.

Google Calendar Goals range from physical activities like yoga or running to intellectual pursuits like studying a new language, learning to code, practicing an instrument or just reading a book. Once you pick a specific goal, the app will ask a few follow-up questions, including how many times per week you want to practice, how long you plan to spend during each session, and the best time of day. After that, it all happens automatically.

This is Google, so the feature will get smarter the more you use it, too. Goals for Google Calendar is available now, and you can grab it for Android and iOS via the source links below.

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