Google completely revamped its Calendar application late last year, and today the same update is being introduced to iPhone users. The search giant on Tuesday rolled out its new Google Calendar for iPhone, and like its Android counterpart, the app has a decidedly Material Design look, with bright, flat colors and a card-like layout to match the company’s Google Now service. It’s smooth, vibrant, and offers a smart way to keep track of your schedule.

Google says there’s feature parity between the iOS and Android versions, so the company is playing no favorites. The app has three distinct features: events from Gmail, which automatically scrubs through your emails to create calendar events; Assists, which is designed to make creating events easier by providing suggestions, and schedule view, which is designed to make your calendar easier to navigate.

I’ve slowly become a Sunrise user, but I’m excited to give Google Calendar a shot. Setup was super easy, and the app itself is very simple to understand. You can either view your calendar in schedule view, day, or 3-day; creating an event is as easy as pressing the red plus button in the bottom right corner.

Check out the video above to see Google Calendar for iOS in action.