Last year Google acquired Snapseed, a popular iOS photo-editing app, and ever since the search giant has been hard at work integrating the service’s popular features into its own social network. Earlier this year, Snapseed’s photo editing tools came to the Google+ app on both iOS and Android, and yesterday the company brought those same features to its Chrome browser.

You can only use the new photo-editing tools from your browser through Google+, which is a little annoying, but if you use any other Google services then you already have an account. So the small degree of annoyance is worth it since now you’ll have access to Snapseed photo editing on your computer wherever you are.

Snapseed brings a ton of new features to Chrome, including Auto Enhance, which automatically makes a number of quick edits to improve your photo and lets you tinker with exactly what it changes. There’s also the ability to edit the color and brightness of specific objects in a picture, as well as plenty of filters to play with. The latest update to Google+ is rolling out in waves, though at this point most users should have access to the new photo-editing tools.