The Apple Watch may be Android Wear’s biggest rival, but that doesn’t mean Google won’t support it. The search giant has already launched its first Watch app, which puts breaking news headlines on your wrist.

The app is an extension of Google’s existing News & Weather app for iOS, but for now at least, it focuses only on the news. You can swipe through the day’s top headlines and use the Watch’s Digital Crown to scroll down and see photos… and that’s about it.

Tapping a news story won’t do anything yet, but you can use Force Touch to add a news story to your Reading List in Safari. You’ll only get headlines and photos on the Watch itself, then, so you’ll still need to pull out your iPhone if you wish to read on.

Google’s first Watch app is about as basic as a smartwatch app can be, but it’s certainly a start. It proves that despite the rivalry with Android Wear, Google will still be supporting Apple’s first wearable, and we can expect more apps and services later on.

Google will surely improve upon the News & Weather app for Watch, and we like to think that Watch apps for things like Gmail, Hangouts, Play Music, and of course, Google Maps are right around the corner. But in the meantime, you can download News & Weather for free from the App Store now.