Were you aware that YouTube has actually been a contest since its inception to find the best video of all time? Were you aware the winner will be announced in 2023 and will receive not only an MP3 player, but $500? Yep, all true.

Google has a reputation of going out for April Fool’s Day, and as the clock strikes midnight around the world, the company has already started releasing some of its jokes for 2013. Up top you have the announcement that Google is shutting down featuring some of the most famous YouTubers. (Hey, look! It’s Charlie!) and if you head over to Google Maps on your desktop you can activate “Treasure” mode for some fun.

Google Maps Treasure

There are sure to be more coming in the next day or so, so keep your eyes peeled. You can also go back and look over the Google April Fools Jokes of 2012 for some fun.

Remember, don’t believe everything you see on the Internet for the next 24 hours or so… and then return to believing every single word.