Magic Leap, the mysterious augmented reality company with funding from Google, broke ground on a new campus this week in Florida. The building, which used to house Motorola, offers 260,000 square feet of space for the firm to develop its futuristic technology.

The company hasn’t actually released anything yet, but it’s allegedly working on a device similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens. Both companies are developing “mixed reality” experiences that let you see the real world with digital images on top.

Patents filed by Magic Leap suggest that the technology could be used for everything from watching TV to shopping at your local grocery store. The company also seems to be putting a big emphasis on gaming. That’s been a point of focus for Microsoft as well, though augmented reality also has plenty of applications in the professional world.

Hopefully Magic Leap won’t keep us waiting too much longer before we get an actual look at what the company is working on.