Google will reportedly release a messaging client named Babble that will consolidate each service—Talk, Hangout, Voice, Chat, etc.—into one harmonious platform. The goal is, according to, to unify its communication problem into one elegant solution, that way Googlers can converse with each other no matter what service they're on.

"A cross platform solution would enable Google to overtake platforms like iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger in one sweeping gesture," claims. Babble will be a completely fresh, built from the ground up service, and will allow users to do things like share pictures and start Hangouts while keeping a threaded conversation across all existing Google services. says Google's current options will be integrated into the single platform where the same chat windows will show up across all of the company's product—all the same features will be available no matter if you're in Drive, Google+ or Gmail.

There's no timeframe attached to the project, but hints suggest Google I/O will be the official unveiling.