The autonomous cars that Google has been working on may soon fall under a different company. While everyone may still refer to the self-driving vehicles as “Google cars,” Bloomberg suggests they’ll soon drive as a “stand-alone business under the Alphabet Inc corporate umbrella.” The change is expected to occur in 2016.

Alphabet is the new parent organization that was created earlier this year, when Sundar Pichai was named head of Google. The new firm is led by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and will oversee a “collection” of companies, including, it seems, the autonomous vehicle unit.

The change comes as Google continues to push regulators to approve laws that will make it possible for regular Joes like you and I to skirt about town in autonomous cars. A separate business segment could set the groundwork needed for Google to take the autonomous cars from a simple “project” to an actual standalone business.

Bloomberg reminds us, however, that Google might first try to take on companies such as Uber with autonomous vehicles that serve “in the form of a service,” bringing folks to and from destinations. In any case, the plans, if certain, suggest Alphabet is ready to take autonomous cars to the next level.