The digital assistant from Google just added another feature that Amazon's Alexa doesn't have. Now you can send or receive money through Google Assistant just by using your voice. Google has announced that Google Pay integration for its digital assistant is rolling out today.

Google Assistant links to your contacts on Android or iOS to sync properly. When you want to send money to a friend, simply say something like "Hey Google, send Justin $50 for yesterday's tickets." The digital assistant will ping your friend, and it'll walk them through signing up for Google Pay if the all-in-one payments platform isn't set up yet.

Alerts are sent through email, text, or push notification. So you don't have to worry about your Google Assistant randomly calling out names and values.

Requesting money from friends works the same way. If someone owes you, call on Google Assistant with their name and amount. Whether you're sending or receiving money, all transactions have no fees attached.

The functionality is only available to Google Assistant on Android and iOS, but it'll be added to smart speakers in the coming months. Then you'll be able to ask devices like Google Home or Google Home Max to pay your friends back after a night on the town or a long weekend.

If you're not too keen on using Google Assistant, check out our list of apps that let you send or receive money at any time.