Google on Wednesday introduced a makeover to Google Assistant that the company says makes getting things done easier than ever before, with an emphasis on combining both voice and touch.

According to Google, half of all interactions with Google Assistant utilize voice and touch, inspiring today’s redesign. With an emphasis and voice and touch, one’s mind immediately gravitates toward Lenovo’s excellent Smart Display, with is equally adept at voice commands and touch controls.

Similarly, Google is said to be working on a smart display to call its own, another possible reason for today’s update. Check out the gallery below to see what Google Assistant now looks like on phones.

Google says that visuals are bigger, while controls and sliders have been added for smart home devices. The redesign will also feature an interactive messaging interface, allowing users to edit a message before sending it off. And on Android, Google says it’s easier to access an overview of your day.

Finally, Google says developers and brands will have access to tools to “take full advantage of the phone screen.”

The redesigned Google Assistant is now available for Android and iOS.