Google stepped on Siri's turf last year by bringing Google Assistant to the iPhone. Google is continuing the slow takeover by adding its voice assistant to Apple's other popular mobile device: the iPad.

Google released an update for the Google Assistant app for iPad on Tuesday that will function similarly on the tablets as it does on iPhones. That is, to say it will offer a limited capability as opposed to the version found in Android devices.

Overall, the addition of Google Assistant to iPad isn't groundbreaking, but iPhone users who use Google services will find Assistant useful. It can cast content, control certain smart appliances and relay information found in Google's suite of products, like Keep notes, weather, reminders and other pertinent information.

Among the benefits of having the Google Assistant on the bigger display will be having both portrait and landscape modes. The app will also support the iPad's multitasking, making it possible to use Assistant while using other apps.

You can now download Google Assistant for iPad.