According to a report from Android Police, a trusted source revealed Google is working on an iOS version of Google Assistant, which will apparently be available as a standalone app. It will feature chat conversations, similar to what you can do in Allo, along with voice support.

Expect some compromises with the Google Assistant app, much like what we see with Google Search. Most likely, the only way to access the assistant will be within the app.

The report doesn’t specify a date when we can expect the Google Assistant iOS application, only that it might arrive as soon as this week during Google I/O.

Google always plays nice with iOS

Google has been playing nice with Apple and iOS for years now. It has brought every one of its major services to iOS, including Google Maps, Google Search, Chrome and Allo. Now, it looks like Google Assistant will be the latest feature to make its way to iOS.

Once we know more information, we’ll pass it along. Make sure you tune in to our Google I/O coverage in case any news on to topic comes up.