Making money off digital assistants is tough, especially after consumers lock themselves into a smart speaker. They’re generally complete purchasing a unit or two unless another is needed as a gift. But there might be a way for Google Assistant to continue generating revenue even after you make that initial purchase.

Google, according to CNBC, is working with publishers on sponsored content that would be presented to users when they want step-by-step instructions.

Based on the report, it seems the feature known as ‘How To’ works in a straightforward manner. Users just ask something like “how to bathe a baby” and Johnson & Johnson could be the sponsored result since it makes products involving that activity. Similarly, recipes could come from Kraft or another food-related brand.

The delivery of branded tutorials will work fine on phones, tablets, and smart speakers. However, there’s a new type of device that makes it work better than anything else. Remember those smart displays Google announced at the beginning of the year? By pairing step-by-step instructions with a screen, users would get to hear and see what Google Assistant is explaining.

Potential partners are being told that, although an announcement is coming soon, the feature won’t be available on users’ devices until the fall.

Google should have ‘How To’ launch at I/O 2018. Its developer conference is only a few weeks away, and artificial intelligence has become a huge part of the company’s operations.

As the report lays out, Google’s current focus is on collecting brands. Their fields range from beauty to do-it-yourself to consumers goods. While Google would clearly benefit from collecting a sponsorship fee, the brands are able to slip into homes through smart speakers without the content seemingly overly forced.