• Google Assistant now understands complex questions much better
  • Google Assistant is getting a new Drive Mode

Google introduced major updates coming to Google Assistant at its Google IO keynote. In short, the smart assistant will soon understand you way better with a new expansive set of features that will bleed into the web, maps and more.

One of the most impressive updates is a much more personal Google Assistant. It will now be able to understand commands like, "What's the weather like at mom's house" and be able to parse through that information. It won't sent you to a Mom's House restaurant near you, it will intelligently know where your mom's house is located through machine learning and provide the proper information.

You can also deliver commands like, "Remind me to order flowers a week before my sister's birthday" and it'll be able to create the reminder on the proper date.

Google Assistant is also getting a new Drive Mode that will make driving much safer. It will now take you to a dashboard that will deliver the proper information you use while driving like the commute to work, missed calls and music player. All you have to say is, "Hey Google, let's drive" and it will automatically launch this new mode.

Along with the new driving features, Google also revealed Google Assistant is coming to Waze in a few weeks. This should make Waze users very happy.

Google made sure to throw in some under-the-radar features that will make Google Assistant way easier to use. When alarms or timers are going off on your Google Home device, you can now say "Stop" and it'll stop the incessant ringing. Not need to begin with the "Hey, Google" or "Okay, Google" prompt

The new Google Assistant is coming to new Pixel phones later this year.