Don’t you hate saying, “Hey Google,” every time you want Google Assistant’s attention? Google thought so, which is why it’s introducing a new “Continued Conversation” feature that will make conversing with Assistant a lot easier.

The search giant cited the difficulty some users have when getting Assistant’s attention. There was an adorable viral video of a grandma struggling to use Assistant because she had a hard time pronouncing “Hey Google.” So, going forward, you only need to say the phrase once when inquiring with a search.

So, you can say, “Hey Google, who won the Golden State Warriors game?” Assistant will reply with the answer, as per usual, but the conversation won’t end there. You can continue to ask Assistant questions about that topic, and you’ll get your answers. You no longer need to always say, “Hey Google.”

Assistant will also support a feature called “Multiple Actions.” The feature will allow users to nest requests and questions into a single inquiry. One example Google used was asking who the governor of California was when Kevin Durant was drafted. Assistant was able to provide who the governor was (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and when Durant was drafted (2007).

Finally, Assistant will support something called “Pretty Please,” which will help teach kids how to ask nicely, rather than being demanding. It’s pretty wild that Assistant can understand these niceties.

Additionally, six new voices will be coming to Assistant later this year, including John Legend. All of these new features for Assistant will be rolled out soon.