Google Assistant is finally making its way to third-party smartphones after an exclusive period on Google’s own Pixel devices. Two of the handsets first in line to get the feature are the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. Users simply have to update their Google apps to get started.

OnePlus confirmed support for the new virtual assistant on Twitter this week. Its official support account has been prompting users to install available app updates (particularly Google’s), which will enable Google Assistant. The feature can then be used by holding down the home button. No software update is necessary.

Once enabled, the Google Assistant will do everything you expect a modern assistant to do. You can use it to fetch information, find directions, make reservations, play your music, and lots, lots more. It has more capabilities than Google Now, and it’s more conversational.

For instance, when you search the web for information, it won’t just present you with a link to a page; it will give you a brief answer to your query in a friendlier format. Assistant also remembers personal information about you, including trivial things like your favorite color.

Sadly, there’s no word on when the Google Assistant will come to older OnePlus handsets like the OnePlus 2, which is still running Marshmallow. However, Google has promised that the Assistant will be coming to Marshmallow later.