Google kicked things off yesterday with the 8-bit redo of Google Maps, and now there are jokes popping up everywhere.  I don't know about you, but I am totally ordering the YouTube collection above.  I wonder if our own Jon Rettinger has his own box in the cataloging system.

Google is totally bringing back Morse Code with Gmail Tap … I could totally use this.

A new tool for Google Apps called Jargon could finally make some of the emails you get at work make a bit more sense.

All that talk about the Google Fiber product may have been a bit misleading.

Chrome Multitask … my parents so need this as I get tired of hearing them ask each other when they can have their turn.

This one was actually "announced" by NASCAR, so it might be more of their joke than Google's, but who cares? Still funny!

Not every joke got a video, so you can go check out the following:

We'll update this post if we discover any more, but hats off to Google for keeping the Internet interesting today.