Google today, announced the Nexus Q, at its developer's conference. It's set to battle all other living room friendly devices. However, Nexus Q will be priced at $299 vs. $99 that other media streaming devices (e.g., Apple TV, Boxee, Roku XS) go for.

The Q is set to run on the Google Play ecosystem. The ecosystem is currently 400 million devices. Q allows multiple users to access the device. Say Ralph comes over and doesn't like your Lady Gaga playlist, he can place his favor Bieber song ahead of your songs, or even delete them from the playlist.

Q connects to the internet (Wi-Fi or ethernet connector). There is one control on the Q, half the dome twists to raise or lower the volume. The Q can be connected to speakers or TVs.

The Q is available for pre-order today in the US, and begins shipping mid-July.

Will you buy a Nexus Q or opt for another streaming media device?