Google released the official version of Android 9 Pie on Monday, marking another milestone release for the company, though it also continues to highlight one of its biggest embarrassments: fragmentation.

Though the newest version of Android is already making its way to multiple devices, the previous version of Android (Oreo) never even got close to becoming the most popular version. According to the Android Developer site, as of July 23 it capped out at 12.1-percent and that figure doesn’t look like it’ll get any higher with a newer version of Android already here.

Android Nougat 7 is still the most popular version at 30.8-percent, while Marshmallow comes in at second place with 23.5-percent.

Fragmentation has always been a big issue with Android and the issue is still running rampant. The slow release of updates is so bad, either a newer version is already available or manufacturers stop support altogether. This is a big reason why a version of Android that is two years old is still the most popular version.

For comparison, 81-percent of iOS devices are running iOS 11 and 14-percent are running iOS 10. Only 5-percent of devices are running a version that’s older than two years.