Google, fairly consistently releases new versions of Android on at least an annual basis (whether or not a carrier or phone company pushes out the update in a timely manner is a different story). Developers, users and journalists alike expect the next Android variant to be announced at Google I/O. We here at TechnoBuffalo and along with most sources have speculated the next version of Android would come in the form of Key Lime Pie, continuing to play on the dessert/sweets theming.

One opinion bucking that trend comes from the folks from Android Police, where they propose the current build floating around on their server logs, Android 4.3 JWR23B, is still Jelly Bean since it still carries the "J" instead of sporting a "K" for the next version. Android Police also digs around IP ranges to see if these builds are legitimate sources (e.g., Google employees). They claim they are.

They propose, if indeed Key Lime Pie were to drop at Google I/O, they would have spotted the new version of Android on their server log already. In fact they claim they see no other "new" Android versions, especially no Android 5.0 or any "K" build.

Mind you, this is all speculation and no announcements have yet to be made. Considering JellyBean adoption rates are still relatively low, though gaining, it isn't too far fetched to consider that JellyBean would last another cycle before getting a more robust update, at least one worth a name change.