htc_windows_phone_8x_att In what appears as an ever revolving door or technology patent cases, it is Google and Microsoft’s turn to take jabs at each other.  The trial centers around Microsoft and Google’s Motorola  licensing agreements pertaining to industry standard technology.

Google is claiming Microsoft should be paying up to $4 billion (with a ‘B’) annually to the Mountain View, CA search juggernaut, while Microsoft claims the figure is closer to $1 million (‘m’) a year.  If my second grade math curriculum taught me anything is that $4 billion is definitely greater than $1 million. The licensing is primarily focusing on video coding and Wi-Fi techs.  Google is requesting a 2.25 percent royalty based on other patent agreements they’ve made in the past, while Microsoft is basing their estimates on “market price” figures of similar patents.

Regardless of what happens, someone is going to have to pay for it (as well as the hefty legal fees) and likely it will be you and me (as consumers) getting the costs passed on to us.  Looks like more patent courtroom drama is near, Samsung v Apple, Google v Microsoft, anyone else want in on the fun?