Google Allo is finally here, but the AI-powered messaging app could still use some work. For example, finding friends who already have Allo installed to chat with isn’t easy, but one Reddit user discovered a clever way to figure out who’s using the app.

Just open Allo and hit the chat button in the bottom right corner. You’ll see a long list of every contact in your phone, but ignore that for now. Texting someone who doesn’t have Allo will re-route your message through a random five-digit number that looks like spam and simply prompts them to download the app. Instead, select “Start incognito chat” and you’ll see a much shorter list of the people you know who already downloaded Allo.

That’s pretty much it. Once you know who’s using Allo, you can message them Incognito for a private chat, which automatically encrypts your conversation and lets you set a self-destruct timer for each message. Or you can head back to your main list of contacts and pick a friend who’s downloaded the app to get the full Allo experience with Google Assistant, auto-replies, stickers and more.

Still haven’t downloaded Allo? Grab it now via the source links below to get started.