Amit Fulay, Google Head of Product for Allo and Duo, revealed on Twitter the update includes incognito mode for group chats. The chats will now be fully encrypted and users can set a timer of when they want the chats to expire. Chats will now be backed up either locally in the phone or via Google Drive. There will also be rich link previews for URLs sent within a chat.

Many of the features added with the update have long been available on other competing platforms like iMessage and WhatsApp.

Sorry, the desktop version is still not here

The update adds some much needed improvements to Allo, but there’s still no desktop version Google promised a while back.

The importance of Allo gaining popularity is more pertinent now that Google plans to turn Hangouts into an enterprise chat system. Allo has yet to break the 50 million downloads mark.

Meanwhile, Duo, which launched at the same time, has already broken the barrier. The update should help close the gap between Allo and its competitors, making it more enticing for users.

The update is already available for Android and iOS.