Google released Allo today, but the chat app is missing one key feature that the company original promised to include. Allo still includes Incognito Mode for encrypted messaging, but non-Incognito chats will stick around longer than we thought they would.

The Verge points out that when Google first unveiled Allo it said all messages sent over the service would only be stored on its servers temporarily. However, now that the app has launched it turns out that’s not the case. Instead, the company will have full access to all your non-Incognito conversations until you manually delete them.

Google says it made the decision because it needs more information to improve Google Assistant, a new artificial intelligence that’s built into Allo. The company says that smarter AI is worth the tradeoff of less privacy. It also notes that all your messages are still be encrypted on Google servers, though the search giant will be able to access them and potentially share them with law enforcement in the future.

If you’re worried about privacy you can still use the Incognito option, though you may be better off with a chat app like WhatsApp that turns on encryption by default. If you want to try out Google Assistant you’ll just have to accept that your messages aren’t as secure as you might have hoped.