Have you or your blog readers gotten to the point where you're fed up with giving so much personal data to Google? Do you still want to make money from your site to pay server bills, but don't know where to turn? Luckily, Adsense isn't the only game in town.

For what seems like forever, if you decided you were going to launch a blog, you almost immediately signed up for a Google Adsense account.  This process has gone hand-in-hand for years, and it has made Google a ton of money, and has even made some bloggers fairly wealthy.  As time has passed, some sites have had to look for new advertising alternatives for a host of reasons, or they simply no longer want to deal with the Big G, and luckily there are other options out there that will do the exact same job: Let you run advertising on your site that is relevant to your content, and make you some money.

AdBrite – AdBrite has been one of the longest lasting competitors to Adsense, and has become quite popular as an alternative.  It works under the same basic principles, and you do have to be approved to join, but once you have been let in – which isn't all that hard – you will be presented with essentially the same options and abilities as what Google provides.  You can also set your payment options for far lower than Google allows, so you could be getting checks a lot more often with this service.

Bidvertiser – One of the biggest problems with most advertising systems is that advertisers have no clue where their ads will end up.  With Bidvertiser the publisher puts the code on their site, the advertisers look through the available ad slots, and then they can bid against one another for the most desirable locations.  It's a bit of  a win for everyone involved.  Payouts start at only $10, so it shouldn't be too hard to see the money start to come in.

Chitika – Chitika provides a lot of alternatives to the usual "context advertising."  If someone enters your a site via a search engine, they will be shown ads based on the terms they used to find your site, all the while your regular visitors won't see a thing.  This is a great way to monetize to the casual server without driving away your most loyal readers.  The company also provides local-focused and mobile ads to help you earn money in new and interesting ways.  Payouts start at $10 for PayPal and $50 if you'd like to receive a check.

Clicksor – While Clicksor is a contextual advertising solution like so many others, it is also a bit more versatile than most in that it offers not only the usual ad units, but also inline, rich media and more.  Think of it as one stop shopping for all of your advertising needs.  Payments start at $50 be either PayPal or check.

eClickZ – This solution offers up some interesting bonuses such as an XML feed you can monetize, domain parking and even building your own search portal in addition to the usual contextual ads.

Advertising solutions out there are vast, but in this day and age there is just about something for publishers of every size.

[via TechMedia Fusion]