Already this month Google has purchased social gaming company Slide, and then moved on to purchase Jambool, the company behind the Social Gold payment system.  Apparently Google really is in a buying mood as it has come to be known that Google has bought the visual search company

Google LikeThe news first popped up on Sunday that Google had acquired the company, which is interesting in that the two had flirted with each other back in 2005.  What brought Google back to the table is unknown, but reports indicate that the price this time around was $100 million.  The price doesn’t make a lot of sense as the company is estimated to bring in around $50 million a year in revenue, so they were willing to sell out for the equivalent of two years finances?  Seems a bit low compared to how most sales go.

That aside, some people have questioned why Google would want to purchase a visual recognition search engine to begin with.  There are two potential answers as I see it.  First off is they want to add it to their search engine … I mean, come on, how hard is that to figure out?  And at a “bargain” price like $100 million, why not skip developing your own when there is a perfectly good version already out there?

The second possible answer is they want to use it in the rumored social network, Google Me.  Ass in a recognition of someone’s face and then you’ll never to tag them in an image again.  Seems like a pretty straight forward concept to me.

Whatever the case is, it almost makes you wonder how many more companies they are setting their sights on.

What say you?  Does this purchase make sense for Google?