The popular database that serves GIFs to hundreds of millions of users around the world will be joining Google. Both companies confirmed a deal is in place, though there's been no reporting on the value of the acquisition.

Tenor passed 300 million users in 2017, and this year the company started hitting 12 billion search requests per month. So it seems like a pretty good addition to Google Search. However, based on the comments from both sides, Google won't immediately roll Tenor into a Search-branded feature.

Here's what Tenor said happens next:

"The acquisition will enable us to accelerate improvements to Tenor's service for our users, API partners, content partners, and advertisers. Tenor will continue operating as a separate brand to better serve you."

Google also revealed that its keyboard app for Android and iOS devices, Gboard, will transition from Giphy to Tenor. If you're unfamiliar with GIF databases, know that Giphy and Tenor are two of the top competitors. Giphy has been integrated into Gboard for quite a bit now, but having Tenor at its disposal means Google can implement a first-party solution. There was no date for the transition to take place, unfortunately.

As usual, business should remain the same for these companies through the end of the year. It usually takes a year or so for any changes to begin. But Tenor should be on Gboard within the next few months.