I know this news may shock some of you, but Google has acquired another company.  Oh, and even more shocking is it is a social networking/media-based company.  No worries, though, Google still won’t admit its working on a social network of its own named Google Me, so all is still right with the world.

It was announced on Monday that Google had acquired Canadian social gaming company SocialDeck, although no purchase price was disclosed in the announcements.  The company is responsible for iOS games such as Shake & Spell, Color Connect and Pet Hero, with the first game possibly being part of the impetus for the purchase.  Shake & Spell works across the iOS from Apple, Google’s own Android and on to the Facebook platform for a social integration between all of the platforms.

Google logoThis makes the second social gaming company Google has purchased this month, with the other being Slide.  Not to mention the search giant also picked up visual search tool Like this month, it really makes you wonder when they are going to stop spending this ton of money, and announce the thing we all know they are building.  (psst, everyone knows about “Google Me”, Google, you can stop acting like it’s a big secret any time now)

Even if Google Me isn’t real, there is no word from Google what it is planning to do with all of the companies it has been purchasing as of late.  While the company has always been known to go out and acquire smaller companies, it has never been at quite the rate we’ve been seeing the past few weeks.  Either they truly are building something, or someone has just gone slap happy with the checkbook all of a sudden.

We’ve heard no word when the social network might be announced, but you have to assume it’s going to take a bit of time to stitch all of this together.  It sounds like they want to hit the ground running with it once they do finally announce it, and with a company experienced in cross-platform mobile integration now in the mix, you have to assume they are trying to make sure you can access it from anywhere at any time from day one.

Only time will tell what is really being built, but it sure does seem to be getting more interesting with each passing day.

What say you?  Is Google building a social network or some sort of planet destroying super weapon like the Death Star?