Gecko Design, a company that has worked on various hardware projects including the HP Touchsmart All in One, Sonos speakers, the Slinbox, the FitBit, the Aliph Jawbone and more, announced on Friday that it has been acquired by Google. The company will be folded into the Google X team, which is best known for working on "moonshot products," including things like space elevators, a self driving car, Google Glass and the Project Ara modular smartphone.

"We have enjoyed working with all our clients," the company's president and founder Jacques L. Gagne said in a blog post. "Words cannot express the level of appreciation we have for your support throughout the many years that Gecko's doors have been open." Gagne said that Gecko Design will work on "a variety of cutting edge projects" inside Google X. So why did Google choose Gecko Design?

"People come to Gecko because they don't know how to turn ideas into real products, especially when it's something that hasn't been done before," Gagne told The Wall Street Journal, which first broke the news. "That's what attracted Google X." Gagne suggested it took a lot of convincing on Google's part to seal the deal, though terms of the acquisition weren't revealed by either party. Money talks, and perhaps Gagne's expertise will help improve the look of Google Glass and maybe even future Google X projects we have yet to hear about.