Google appears to have accidentally pushed out an “internal only” update to some Pixel XL devices. The release notes state the build is designed for Google employees only, but don’t get your hopes up for exciting new features that haven’t been made public yet.

The release weighs in at just 62.3MB and comes with build number N2G470. It contains Google’s latest security patch for May, but it seems this particular version was not intended for the public. Google clearly states that the update is for internal use, and shouldn’t even be talked about externally.

“CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL ONLY — This is a confidential Googlers-only OTA to update your Pixel XL with May 2017 security patches,” reads the release notes. “You may use your device normally but do not discuss or comment on this update externally.”

Sadly, the excitement ends there. Android Police, which got this update on one of their Pixel XL devices, reports that there are no visible changes with the update, which means you won’t be getting your hands on new features that Google hasn’t announced yet. One user reports that they’re seeing the new Play Store UI after installing this release, but that could just be a coincidence.

Nevertheless, it will be somewhat cool to be running an internal build of Android for a short while if you get the chance. It also indicates that the May security patch is right around the corner for Pixel users.