With devices like the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, Google ended 2015 on a high. But with the New Year on the horizon, it’s already time to start looking ahead. If you thought this year was good with releases like Android Marshmallow and tons of Android Wear devices, just wait until 2016. We’re here to hit you with five predictions about what Google might do next year, and why it might finally be time to check out Google Glass for real.

In the video above, Jon delves deep into the different predictions, from a Nexus Pixel to what he wants out of Android 7.0 (and what the name might be!). These are all pretty safe bets, though we’ll no doubt see some big surprises from Google next year. What might they be? We dont’ know for sure. I just hope Google will tell us when we can buy one of its cute self-driving cars.

Nexus Pixel

There have been rumors Huawei might again build the next Nexus, but with Google exploring more Pixel possibilities, what if the search giant built its own phone hardware? It sounds crazy, but Google has already built a computer and tablet. Why not round out its mobile portfolio with a smartphone, too? I can already imagine that beautiful light bar sitting pretty on the back of the device.

Sure, Huawei’s hand in the Nexus 6P can’t be understated; the company’s influence was a big reason why it was our number one smartphone of 2015. But next year might be the perfect time for Google to go solo. It’s true that its Pixel products haven’t been successful in the consumer market—they weren’t designed to be. But with components cheaper than ever, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google seriously consider handling the process from top to bottom.

Android 7.0

This one is a “duh!” but we very much expect to see Google announced Android 7.0. What it will be called, and what features it includes is a completely different story. There have been murmurs there might be some Chrome OS influence, and vice versa, taking the platform to an entirely new level. At the very least, we’re hoping to see better multitasking, improved backup and restore, and a more persistent Android experience across multiple devices.

Google Glass returns!

Google Glass has been conspicuously absent from the search giant’s lineup in 2015, but with Tony Fadell now in charge, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the wearable make its triumphant return. Glass was a great idea that wasn’t executed as well as it could have been, but with advancements in technology, rumors suggest Google is primed to re-introduce the face computer in a sleeker, more functional package. We just hope it’s not so expensive this time around.

Enhanced biometrics

Android has been slow to jump into biometrics, but with Nexus Imprint now alive and kicking, wouldn’t it be nice for Google to advance this market even more. We really like what Microsoft is doing with Windows Hello, so we’re hoping Android adopts a similar type of system. Unlocking your phone with a fingerprint is nice, but we’d like to see retinal and face-scanning technology in our future Android devices.

Android Wear love

Android Wear has received plenty of big updates throughout the year, but one thing we’re still unhappy with is the UI/UX. It’s not that it’s ugly per se, but we’ve always found it a little clunky and difficult to navigate. No wearable OS has been able to really get the experience exactly right, so Android Wear isn’t the only culprit. But we’d expect Google to introduce a more streamlined OS that’s easier to navigate and more powerful than ever.