Have you ever left a comment on Facebook, and then realized you spelled something completely wrong, or left an entire word out of your sentence? You can't correct it; the only thing you can do is comment on your own comment and leave a correction. How embarrassing!

It may not bother you too much, but when you make your living as a writer, your friends can give you a lot of stick for typos. Thankfully, Facebook is finally allowing us to edit our comments.

The social network has reportedly begun rolling out the new feature today, which will add a little pencil to the corner of every comment you post. Tap this and you'll be able to edit or delete that comment as you wish. The feature won't be coming to status updates, however. So you'll still have to try to avoid those drunken rants on a Saturday night. And of course, you'll only be able to edit the comments that you post.

According to TechRadar, all users should see the feature "over the next few days."

I don't know why it wasn't in from the beginning, actually.

Do you have it yet?

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